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Friday, 29 January 2010 16:24

What is Total War?

Total War is not only a new combat system, but a RPG and fighting platform. It offers a dynamic, fully customizable and costs free combat system (TWBS), compatible with most of the roleplay weapons that already exist in Second Life, bows included.

System works through three status bars, Life, Stamina and Focus. The use and management of these bars during fighting, together with the choice of Static/Dynamic status of TWBS allows that several different tactics of fighting will develop, making action much various and dynamic.

TWBS can be customized in many ways, adding sounds, blood effects, making different type of moves, changing kind of weapon, wearing armors.

Armors allows to receive reduced damage when hit by a weapon, but with a larger use of Stamina.
But Total War goes further: as a game platform it offers a deep managment of clans, for instance you can make war with enemy clans, make alliances, you can manage members giving personal titles, communicate through an inboard message system, you will have a score system based upon victories in fighting that also considers clan in war or allies, and, last but not least, a full range of scenario maps.

Scenario maps have been made to cover what can be considered a restriction of Second Life: Sims borders. We often see RPG prisoner in a single SIM or badly linked in different regions. With Scenario Maps everything can change: one map shows all the existing facilities in that scenario, such as clan shrines, keeps, training areas and the name of the clan that owns them. Map changes in real time, so it will be always possible to know which clan conquered a keep and in which region, and to plan war actions. Scenario maps are thematic, they become a “game world”, where to accept and declare war and conquer buildings. Total War Map is a Global Scenario, that every clan can join if it wants to, without any restriction. In this way we will be able to see clan of complete different kind facing toward each other, samurai, roman legions, Red Indians ranks... a Total War!

Tokuno Wind sets up special in-game servers to manage system messages, as soon as a clan attacks a keep the system will send an alert message to every single member of the attacked clan, so they can run and defense their belongings.

Servers manage keeps flags as well, that changes automatically showing the emblem of the clan that has conquered the keep.

Total War is still developing, many other items and features will be released, new Scenario will be created also upon users requests, new compatibility with fire weapon and new applications will be added.



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