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Sunday, 08 November 2009 10:36

Here's my review and recomendation for roleplay fighters interested in low lag, High speed, High Damage, Good Looking Weapons from H&S MetalWorks LTD's 'Brutal Elite' line.
These Are weapons given to me by the creator herself, or purchased by Me or an Alt of mine. All the ones purchased by Me are on display here. You may find these and many more in the vendors.

Most of these weapons were made for fast yet powerful and good looking attacks. If speed isn't your fort'e, then maybe you are a power fighter. There are also Monstrous weapons that aren't as fast but more powerful, and Ranged weapons that are the fastest, but not as powerful. I only buy fast weapons as I believe speed overrules strength any day. :P

(i didn't mention which come with optional hud, some are chat command in several, single, or open channel, and sound/blood options, or that some are just touch activated.)

Here's My Review:

Claymore: My first ever. A massive sword. It is faster than it looks, and also it has some awesome animations. Not my most used, but definitely one of my favorites. The classic Hero's sword.

Newage: This is definitely my favorite, though shorter in range than the Claymore, I really think it's more efficiant because of it's speed and it has more combo abilities when you practice on your timing.

First Order: If you're a knight or hero, this is the sword for you. It includes a noble AO in the sword. Not really one of my faves, as it is slower than I prefer, but if you like the Mid Long ranged swords, and the classic Knight look is in your tastes, this would be a good choice. A powerhouse in strength.

Treet Fighter: I haven't tested H&S's other hand to hand weapons yet, but I like this one for it's style and finesse. Like martial arts mixed with a little breakdance look. Definitely better than most simple fist fighting systems. Plus there's free auto updates for more anims and add-ons when they're made.

Dead End Axes: These are dual wield hatchets. No combos, but very fashionable for the juggalo in you. I like them for simple combat, but when fighting against very fast enemies, I wouldn't recommend them, but they do great against those "My Sword Is Bigger Than Your's" types. Also, there are no chat commands to remember, you just tuch the invisible prim in your hands and they appear. Good or bad, all in your eyes.

Storm Axes: Not my style in weaponry, but amazing animations, not weak at all. Auto combos, as well as basic combos, roto style, and amazing AO. An awesome weapon all around. I'd recommend this weapon for any style fighter. Not the fastest weapon, but definitely not the slowest.

Stabber Knife
: A great look. Bad timing and extremely short range (about 2 meters). the AO is ok, but not that great. I definitely approve this knife over all because for the beginner and for Thief/Rogue/Gnome/Raider style fighters, this is a great weapon, espescially when roleplaying, but for arena style battles, I don't like it. It was a gift, so im not complaining at al... Worth almost what you pay for it.

Now for the ones I use in my Alt accounts;

Tonfa Blades: Fast, great animations, Awesome look, dual wield, a pretty good AO... Over all, with one of my alts, It's my favorite.

Angel Of Death: A massive sword, great design for the Tyrant/Vampire type. 24 anims, Classic Highlander Style or Roto Style switchable styles. the animations aren't put together that well, a little choppy, But this is definitely worth it if you dont care about anims.

Assassinate: These are definitely my favorite of the Short ranged knifes. Dual Wield, Extremely fast anims, heavy damage, no lag scripting, modifiable, so you can retexture, retint, or if you're talented enough, reshape or lengthen them. By Far the best weapon for the short rangers out there. You gotta be in close, but you move so fast with these, it doesn't matter. worth more than you pay.



*regards, LordTruth Seriman

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