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Since early 2007, the team of H&S MetalWorks ltd. focuses on Quality Realistic and Fantasy Second Life Roleplay Weapons. Our goal is to have Satisfied and Happy Customers, Amazing Fighters and Glorious Winners. In our transaction history list we have over 5,000 individual customers (avatars) and have just sold our 25,000th melee weapon in these - 3 years.

- Sanja Guyot
Job: main weapon and texture designer, scripting, animating, sound producing, marketing and PR, H&S technical support

- Data Hermit
Job: weapon designer, DHD building designer, H&S technical support

- Elliz Jewell
Job: H&S field support, marketing and PR, Weapons testing

- AngelOfTime Hax
Job: Weapons testing, Particle Effects creator

Friends (without you our world wouldn't be that great really):
AngelOfTime Hax, Bogac Aeghin (URCS), Kaze Odisark, Hiroshi Nozaki, V4N Dagger, Mike99 Barbosa, Marino Supermarine, Loki Darkwatch and all others we forgot to mention, but always carry you in our hearts! We love you all!

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