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Since early 2007, the team of H&S MetalWorks ltd. focuses on Quality Realistic and Fantasy Second Life Roleplay Weapons. Our goal is to have Satisfied and Happy Customers, Amazing Fighters and Glorious Winners. In our transaction history list we have over 5,000 individual customers (avatars) and have just sold our 25,000th melee weapon in these - 3 years.

- Sanja Guyot
Job: main weapon and texture designer, scripting, animating, sound producing, marketing and PR, H&S technical support

- Data Hermit
Job: weapon designer, DHD building designer, H&S technical support

- Elliz Jewell
Job: H&S field support, marketing and PR, Weapons testing

- AngelOfTime Hax
Job: Weapons testing, Particle Effects creator

Friends (without you our world wouldn't be that great really):
AngelOfTime Hax, Bogac Aeghin (URCS), Kaze Odisark, Hiroshi Nozaki, V4N Dagger, Mike99 Barbosa, Marino Supermarine, Loki Darkwatch and all others we forgot to mention, but always carry you in our hearts! We love you all!


ANJUN is starting over again. The land was totally rebuilt and it is simply stunning and worth see. Anjun is a RPG, where to play we request NO DRAMA at all. SL is just a game and on Giuliano and Andromeda' s land we wanna keep it as simple as it is. All has to be fair and play that is it. Anjun is the land dedicated to a combat group which is increasing day by day: THE FALCONS. It is mainly combat but also pure roleplay. We wanna interact with all other lands, even of other times (ancient or not) and if possible help each ohter or support each other as well.
Anjun is a medieval/fantasy land which nowadays have found a perfect match in gettin powered by TOTAL WAR combat and roleplay system. Yes, do forget all other combat systems cause here we only do roleplay and fight wearing TW.


Brutal Elite weapons review

Here's my review and recomendation for roleplay fighters interested in low lag, High speed, High Damage, Good Looking Weapons from H&S MetalWorks LTD's 'Brutal Elite' line.
These Are weapons given to me by the creator herself, or purchased by Me or an Alt of mine. All the ones purchased by Me are on display here. You may find these and many more in the vendors.

Can you make my weapons work faster on DCS2 or CCS?

Some weapons have a delay of 0.2, 0.3 ...however on DCS2 and CCS, it doesnt matter how fast the weapon attacks.
DCS2 and CCS SIM owners regulate the speed of melee damage same as for ranged weapons on their SIMs. We wont change the speed cause its not needed.

Total war role-play fighting system

What is Total War?

Total War is not only a new combat system, but a RPG and fighting platform. It offers a dynamic, fully customizable and costs free combat system (TWBS), compatible with most of the roleplay weapons that already exist in Second Life, bows included.

System works through three status bars, Life, Stamina and Focus. The use and management of these bars during fighting, together with the choice of Static/Dynamic status of TWBS allows that several different tactics of fighting will develop, making action much various and dynamic.

TWBS can be customized in many ways, adding sounds, blood effects, making different type of moves, changing kind of weapon, wearing armors.

Armors allows to receive reduced damage when hit by a weapon, but with a larger use of Stamina.

How to Role Play

The first and most important thing to know is WHO IS YOUR CHARACTER
The second and next important thing to know is YOUR ROLE PLAY ENEMY IS NOT YOUR REAL LIFE ENEMY

Answer these questions to get an idea of who your character is.  This is not secret information, every player should be able to read this. These questions are not about you they are about your character.

The purchased weapon didn't deliver, what can i do about it?

Leave Sanja Guyot a message, I will get back to you and try to solve the issue. Or use the redelivery terminal placed at our main shop.

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