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With what meters / combat systems does your weapons work?

Our weapons work with DCS / DCS2 / CCS / WARPS and Spell Fire in general. Other meters / combat systems weren't tested yet. Certain weapons (bows) only work with a specific meter / combat system. They're either DCS / DCS2 / CCS / WARPS scripted and / or Spell Fire scripted.

Do i get a discount if i buy multiple weapons?

We give a 20% discount if you buy 5 weapons at the same time.

Does H&S MetalWorks ltd. offer affiliate vendors with commission?

Yes. We currently offer 3 different styled Hippo vendors with a commission of 20% (basic). Experianced sellers or partners recieve a larger commission, based on their sales rate.

Do you do custom work?

No currently we dont offer custom work due to lack of time, however suggestions are appreciated. Renée de France

I heared about the new MONO script, which is low or even no lag. Are your weapons scripted in MONO?

Mono is another kind of virtual machine. It is fully open-sourced and has a proven record of speed and versatility (taken from: My weapons were updated with the new MONO script, when SL enabled it on the main grid. So running fast!

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