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The first and most important thing to know is WHO IS YOUR CHARACTER
The second and next important thing to know is YOUR ROLE PLAY ENEMY IS NOT YOUR REAL LIFE ENEMY

Answer these questions to get an idea of who your character is.  This is not secret information, every player should be able to read this. These questions are not about you they are about your character.

1. Do I care about others or am I only interested in what is good for me?
2. Do I like order and stability or do I like chaos and upset?
3. Do I like teamwork or do I like to do things alone?
4. Do I have long term goals?
5. If I have long term goals then what are they?
6. Am I a calm person?
7. Do I get angry easily?
8. Can I wait for what I want or do I grab what I want right now?
9. Who are my friends and why are they my friends?
10. Who are my enemies and why are they my enemies?

Keep the answers to these questions in mind at all times when you role play.

Role play is like a movie that is being written at the same time it is being filmed.  The actors and actresses have a basic idea of what is in the scene, but they are making up the details as they play out the scene.  They may decide in advance what the end result will be.

Here is an example:

Jon is a troll.  Art is a prince.  Sal is a wizard.  They have agreed in advance that Sal is trying to make Jon and Art fight.

Jon: get out of my castle! Jon picks up his club and starts to hit Art.
Art blocks the hit with his shield, and says : Stop! I mean you no harm!
Sal: He is lying!  He wants to steal your treasure!
Jon: Nooooo you will not get my stamp collection!
Art: Stamp collection?  I don't need any stamps, I use email.
Sal: I see a huge packet of unmailed letters in his back pocket, don't let him get your stamps!
Jon: I will kill you!
Art: Then I must draw my sword and fight you!
Sal: evil laugh

The details like the stamp collection are made up on the spot.  Sal takes the rather silly idea of a stamp collection and improvises the unmailed letters as a reason for Jon not to trust Art.

Sal is the bad guy in this scene.  But it is all agreed to in advance.

No one can 'play' another persons character.  That is very rude, and if you do that most people will not like it.

Jon: Get out of my castle!
Art: I mean you no harm!
Sal: I use my magic power to force Jon and Art to fight each other

Sal has made the other 2 characters act.  They did not agree to it.  That is called a Power Play.

What should Art and Jon do now?  They go into Out of Character Chat to discus it.

Art: ((hey, stop we did not agree to Sal using his magic powers for this))
Jon: ((I did not even know you had this much power - you are only a level one wizard))
Sal: ((oh, right, sorry, I forgot, lets go back and redo it))

As you can see from this example the three role players are not enemies in the Out of Character Chat.  They are working together so that everyone has fun.

Sal knows that his character the Wizard is an evil and selfish man. And he acted just as an evil man would act, but he took over the other two characters and forgot he was not a strong enough spell caster to make two people fight.

Many people do not know what the GM does.  Think of the GM as the person who plays all the monsters, dragons and witches.  Think of the GM as the person who watches to make sure no one character has too much power.  You do not play against the GM, even though the GM plays many of the bad guys.  The GM wants you to have fun and wants you to win.  If it is too easy it is boring.  If it is too hard it is boring.  Think about this please.  If there is no dragon, there is nothing to fight.  If there is nothing to fight, there is no game.

It is important that everyone has a good time.  Even the GM is allowed to have fun!   

If the GM sees that rules are being broken, or that a player is doing a power play or if a player says 'stop, I do not like this' then the GM will halt the role play for a while to bring everything back into balance.

The ONLY way the GM can win is if all the players say, "Fun game!"  This is what the GM hopes to hear.

Please answer questions about your character and give them to the GM.  Add anything else you like.  Your characters age, who their parents are, where they have traveled, what they own, how smart they are, how good a fighter they are, if they are in love and with who....all of this is good information for you to know BEFORE you start to role play.


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